May Garden Tips: Transplanting

With this nice weather upon us, we have been busy getting the garden ready for the season. One of our favorite activities this time of the year is visiting the local nurseries. One can get lost for hours looking at all the colors and different varieties of plants! To ensure a successful garden, it is essential to the pick the right plants. 

Garden A 2016.06.10
Here are our top 3 tips to follow when choosing transplants:
1)    Look for bushy and stocky plants, instead of tall spindly plants. This shows signs that the plant has had adequate amount of light. Stocker plants will also hold up to wind in your garden better than the spindly plants

2)    Look for foliage that is deep green in color. This indicates that the plant has been properly fertilized. Plants with light green or yellow leaves show that the plant is stressed and does not have the proper ratio of nutrients.

3)    When looking for vegetables, choose plants without flowers. If you choose a tomato plant with flowers, the plant is focusing all of its energy to produce fruit. The plant will fruit, but it will cause the plant to be stunted & it will never reach its full potential of bounty. Choose a healthy dark green, stocky plant without flowers. When you plant it in your garden, it will encourage more plant growth and you’ll be awarded with a bountiful harvest of tomatoes!

We hope you find this helpful when starting your own garden this season!

Brianna Dudek, Garden Manager