Getting Personal with Montana

We are especially thankful for the opportunity to share our beautiful home with guests throughout the year, as the Lodge has been operating as a “home away from home,” or for many guests, their “Montana Home” for close to 20 years now! We have welcomed literally thousands of guests from all over the world, and one aspect that resonates with our guests is the “personal” feel of the experience. Although we would love to take all the credit (our staff is the best!), the truth is that Montana and the communities that make up this area are really just full of friendly, down to earth people that help to personalize your visit. This makes an enormous difference when people are deciding where to come and spend their well-earned time away from the usual- work, family, schedules, and anything else that encompasses the busy life many of us experience on a daily basis. It is clear to us that when over 80% of the people who visit Montana come back for a second visit, this beautiful place must have something going for it. When there is a “personal” connection with the people, or a place, including how a place makes us feel when we are there, our minds desire an “encore performance.”

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So, we encourage you to come out again, or come out for a first time visit, and get personal with Montana. Stop and meet someone new along your journey, go on a hike to a place that you have never been before and see what it feels like to breathe in the fresh mountain air, or the feeling you get when you see a crystal clear stream, or the view from a 10,000 foot peak. The emotional connection with a place doesn’t get any more impactful than the one here in Montana. Don’t hesitate to let yourself explore as much of our Big Sky Country as possible. Learn where the locals go for live music, or where they go to get the freshest, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Ask someone what they love about living here. Find that something, that some place, or someone that connects you to this area. We get to do this every, single, day. We connect to our guests, our town, our trails, our mountains, our neighbors, and everything else that makes this place so special.Seriously, don't wait any longer than you have to. We'll be here to make sure you get the very best experience!

-PJ Wirchansky, Lodge Manager, and local advocate for enjoying the Montana lifestyle