Farmer Spotlight Catamount Farm

Here at the Gallatin River Lodge we pride ourselves on fostering relationships with the local producers who we source our ingredients from. They inspire us to create dishes that showcase the abundance of the Gallatin Valley. This month we are thrilled to feature Catamount Farm; a small farm with a massive passion for what they do.

Catamount Farm

Catamount Farm started in 2012 and since expanded to quarter acre. Douglas Stream is the man behind it all. He found his passion working on his father’s farm at the young age of 10. He is an American Veteran and settled down in Montana in 1991. You can see the immense love for what he does by just talking to him. Each vegetable has a story and is grown with respect to the environment and to the people who later eat it. It is for that reason why we are so honored to work with Stream.

Catamount Farm 2

His top four reasons for pursuing a life in gardening is as follows:
1. Connecting more closely with the land is a way to become more self-sufficient
2. Practicing good stewardship is not only the right thing to do, but it is a form of therapy for nourishing one's soul;
3. I believe that fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables are absolutely essential for maintaining optimum health and nutrition; and
4. The simple joy and supreme satisfaction of bringing a sown seed to harvest and to know that my customer is satisfied with the results.

Here is to another bountiful year! Cheers!