GRL Smoked Trout Crepe Recipe

Chef Scott and his culinary team have created a delectable summer menu for all of the guests here at the Lodge. One of the immediate favorites has been the Smoked Trout Crepes, as they are the perfect start to a memorable dinner at the Lodge. Chef Scott is happy to share this recipe for those who would like to enjoy them at home.


The Recipe
Crepes -
2 cups AP Flour
2 Eggs
1.5 cups Milk
.5 cup of water
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp melted butter

Mix Flour and salt together.  Mix Eggs, Milk and Water together.

Add wet to dry and mix until smooth and no lumps.  Once smooth add melted butter.  Let set over night.

8oz smoked Trout
5 ramp bulbs halved
.5tsp minced garlic
2 tsp Pernod
1 cup heavy cream
6 sea beans
2 tsp chopped fresh basil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Sweat garlic and ramps for 1 min, add trout, add cream.  Reduce by half, finish with Pernod, basil, sea beans and season. Enjoy!