To get your Montana Fishing License, your guide can take you by the fly shop in the morning before heading to the river. Or, save some fishing time and visit this link. You will need to purchase a Conservation License plus a Fishing License – for the number of days you are fishing in Montana (2 day increments).
– NOTE: purchasing a 10-day License is less expensive than a 6-Day License!

Tackle & Equipment


We recommend a three or four piece 4 or 5 weight rod with a weight forward floating line.
When streamer fishing you may wish to have a sink tip line on a spare spool.  You will need 9 foot 4X or 5X leaders and spools of 3X, 4X, 5X tippet. We always carry an extra rod or two on our trips for guests.


A 5 or 6 weight rod with a weight forward floating line. You may want a sink tip for fishing streamers. 7 to 9 foot leaders, with spools of 3X, 4X and 5X. And bring an extra rod if drifting with us. We usually set up a dry fly rod and a nymphing rod for you.

Spring Creeks

A 3 or 4 weight rod with a double taper or weight forward floating line. Leaders of 9 to 13 feet. Spools of 5X, 6X, 7X.
You will also need non-lead split shot, fly floatant, strike indicators, hemostats, nippers, hat, polarized glasses, insect repellent, and sunscreen. We usually wade wet most days in the summer, wearing neoprene socks, lightweight quick dry pants and wading boots. If traveling in the spring or fall you will need gore-tex or neoprene waders and felt soled boots. In addition, bring a sweater or jacket and a good raincoat.
We have several fly shops nearby that offer rental gear. You may also ship your gear to us prior to your trip.
“Just want to thank you for a great time. We are all impressed with your lodge and the fine fishing, food and accommodations. It is a wonderful operation and we had a ball. I caught lots of beautiful browns and rainbows in the time we spent there. The water was clear, cold and low-Perfect. There were rising fish around the first upstream bend of the river at the Lodge, and I nailed three on parachute adams and a caddis emerger. Could be among my favorite spots of the trip. Next time I want to spend more energy on the Gallatin River.”
– Fred, New York

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