Mayfly Dry Sizes

Adams & Parachute Adams 10-20
Blue Winged Olive 16-20
Speckled Spinner and Dun 14-20
Olive, Brown, Grey Comparadun 16-20
Light Cahill, PMD 14-18

Caddis Dry

Elk Hair Caddis, olive and tan/brown 12-18

Stone Fly Dry

Stimulators, orange & yellow 8-12
Sofa Pillow 4-6

General Dry

Black Ant 16-18
Beetle 16-18
Hopper Patterns 6-10
Royal Wulff 10-16
Royal & Lime Trude 12-16

Nymphs, Wets & Streamers

Olive & Grey Soft Hackles 12-16
Caddis Emerger Patterns 14-18
Pheasant Tail* (beadheads also) 14-18
Prince Nymph* (beadheads also) 8-16
Olive, Tan Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear 12-18
Woolly Buggers, olive, black, brown 4- 8
Bitch Creek 4- 8
Griddle Bug 6-10

*There are many other patterns we tie and use. We also support several fly shops in the area.

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